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Extra functions into Quests


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Function name: Quests


I wanted to ask if it was possible to add to the function "Quests" something like:


If the next given mission is not finished(in that recorded time) it should re do it till its possible to finish that given mission(that was recorded) so that means a function like; "re do till next mission is possible to finish"  this function is so usefull and powerfull than its really possible to create missions to do like demon towers or just in general the dungeons and even special bosses in sertain pvps.


Possibility to bypass the recorded time and re do the missions:


Check box for the given missions to 'Re do till next mission is possible' is a good idea for example and a check box to 'instantly do the mission if its possible' so it doesn't wait for the recorded time it should just completely skip/freeze the record time and just wait till its possible to finish the given quest.


(and for example if 2 missions in a row are Checked to re do it starts from the first and than the second and than it checks if its possible to do the next mission > if not than it just re do's them over and over again till the next mission is possible to do.)


Why adding those functions?

Couse atm it only allows to do certain quests to accomplish in that specific recorded time and if its not possible for the player to accomplish it(in that recorded time) it shows as "Done"  and it will not finish the next given missions couse it will also show it as 'done' couse its all set in that recoreded time.


Than we can auto re do "quests" for those dungeons etc. for greater farming and everyone is happy :)

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On 6/30/2023 at 3:35 AM, Vosaks said:

You can edit times in quests in files and then it will spam every recorded mission

Well I didn't know about that, but there is one more thing;

Items have special ID codes and this changes everytime but if there was something that didn't check the ID's it would work prefect because when I "Run" it it doesn't use the item, it is searching for the item with same ID code..

Any fix for this problem ?

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