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Introduction and general provisions

1. By registering on the forum, you declare that you have read and accept the rules.
2. The administration reserves the right to change the rules without giving a reason beforehand.
3. Ignoring the rules does not exempt you from complying with them.
4. It is forbidden to share accounts with third parties.
5. The Administration is not responsible for the content posted by users.
6 Any issues that are not included in the rules shall be settled by the forum Administration.
7. The forum Administration is not obliged to delete users accounts upon request.


User Profile

1. Username cannot be vulgar.
2. The profile cannot contain racist, pornographic etc. content.
3. Users profile, its signature/avatar cannot advertise other websites/products.


Topics and Answers

1. It is forbidden to create unnecessary spam in the topics.
2.A User that doesn't comply with the rules in their posts & threads will be rewarded with a warning/ban.
3. It is forbidden to publish vulgar, racist, pornographic, offensive, etc. content
4. It is forbidden to write the same posts & threads on the same topic over and over again.
5. The colors red and green are reserved only for the Administration and Moderation of the forum.
6. Prohibition of commenting on complaints, if the complaint doesn't concern you or you have nothing to say that will contribute to the matter.
7. It is forbidden to provoke other users.
8. Purchase & sale offers may only be posted in the "Market" subforum.
9. If there is a topic formula given in a subforum it needs to be followed.



1. It is forbidden to exchange reputation.
2. The so-called reputation farming for other user(s) is forbidden.
3. Demanding reputation from someone will be punished.
4. Giving someone a negative reputation for no reason will be punished.



1. Maintain culture and treat users with respect when writing on the chatbox.
2. It is forbidden to provoke other users to unnecessary quarrels.
3. When writing on the chatbox make sure your messages are clear and proper.
4. It is forbidden to offend other users.
5. Abuse of emotes is prohibited.
6. Writing more than 3 messages in a row will be treated as spam.
7. We do not consult or explain private matters on the chatbox.



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