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This bot failed to load due to antivirus

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Czego dotyczy problem: The bot failed to load due to antivirus
Opis problemu: It appeared today out of nowhere, i didn't have the problem till now
Kiedy i gdzie wystąpił problem: 
Dodatkowe materiały(Film/zdjęcie): 


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Hi, this error is caused by antivirus, we are not able to fix it, we tried but we can't, The only option is to uninstall the antivirus.
This error also fixed itself in our customers within 2-3 days. It happens when the launcher is updated, then the antivirus(mainly defender) flags the new application and prevents it from working properly.
If you want to wait 2-3 days then license days will be refunded, if you don't want to wait then I will refund your money.

@ StalkerR15

@ mrowekz

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