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[Guide] How to translate topics/threads into any language


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In this tutorial you will find out how to translate every topic/thread on the forum into any language
The translation may not be perfect and make sense with more advanced words but it should help you understand some threads that interest you

Using DeepL addon


Download the DeepL addon (Link here) click the "Add to Chrome" button (the addon works on all browsers)

How does it work?
1. Select the text you want to translate and a little popup will appear as seen on the screenshot, click on it


2.A menu will pop up with the selected text, highlighted in the red box is where you can select the language you want to translate into

You can also type posts in any language and translate them into English by highlighting the selected text, clicking settings, selecting English and then pressing the "translate" button.

Using Google Translate addon


1. Enter the addon store of your web browser and search for "Google Translate"
I personally use Opera GX as my browser and use this extension (Link here) the extension author may very on different web browsers


2. Enter the addon options and select your target language to translate into
On OperaGX you can do this from the side panel (May very on different browsers)


3. Go into the topic/thread you want to translate, right click, hover over "google translate" and select "Translate this page to ..."

This will translate any website or topic you need, as mentioned the translation may not be perfect but should give you an idea of what the topic is about.



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