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[Odrzucone] Make "Quests" ready to automate Dungeons


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Name of the function:



Description of how this function works:

With Quests you can automate to click NPCs and pull items on NPCs. That helps alot for Dungeons. But let me introduce in my scenario.


In many Dungeon you have to kill Mobs, Boss or Metin Stones and collect things, that you have to pull on NPCs. That you can already automate with Quests and Farmbot.

But sometimes you have to walk to the next level or through a gate or something. The walking distance is too long and the farmbot does not recognize the metin Stones, boss there.


Hopefully my issue is understandable..


So i have my solution suggestion is:


1) Make it easy and implement the function in the quests, that when you click on the earth somewhere, where the character should go, record the coordinates in the quests -> so at the specific timestamp the character walks or teleports to the coordinates.


I think it should ne easy to implement?!


Thanks a lot!









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20 hours ago, boczus said:

U can use a farmbot and add Column Quest or even NPC as "Another" - there is an option, and bot will come under NPC ;) I used it and works good.


Please explain it a bit more detailed. I dont understand what you did.

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I dont know what u excactly want to do but i think its all posible to do.

Use farmbot -> map recording places, the bot will teleport u whenever u want on the map/dungeon. If there is a npc that teleport u and u need to be close, just record step near him and quest should catch it.

And use option in quests -> Use with teleport.

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I think you dont understand my issue. You can`t combinate Farmbot and Quests in that Case.


My issue is, that i have to walk/teleport to a specific place at a specific time.. (in Quests) e.g. after clicking an npc i have to walk to coordinated X,X (because it is to far away, that the farmbot recognizes the metin stone)

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